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Birthday Weekend

{Studio Square Beer Garden in Astoria}

{Veselka IS love}

Dani, this ones for you

Sorry this too so long but I had to recover from carb overload and a terrible hangover. It was my birthday weekend and it proved to me that I’m getting old and I can’t recover from a night of drinking like a champ anymore.

My bestie Janelle was in town for Spring break. Her birthday is 2 days after mine so naturally we celebrate together. After a long night out, we hit up Veselka for perogies and cheeseburgers because it’s the natural thing to do at 4 AM. It’s one of my favorite spots for 3 reasons: 1) it’s open 24 hours 2) yummy cheeseburgers 3) perfect food to eat when drunk. It’s a Ukrainian restaurant but they have classic American foods and a killer breakfast menu. Whenever I’m in the Lower East Side, it’s a no brainer I must go here.

The next morning was rough… I haven’t felt so hungover in a looooong time and not to mention I was sporting a 3-month pregnant belly at my 28th birthday shindig from all the heavy foods from the night before. I decided to try Studio Square, a beer garden in Long Island City. I’m so annoyed that I didn’t think of this idea. It’s so great. You sit outside on picnic tables and drink beer in open air. It’s like sitting in someone’s backyard except you’re surrounded by strangers. It’s genius. The food is pretty good. I tried the fried fish sandwich which was one of the yummier ones I’ve had. It’s a really great place to gather your friends, catch up, play some flip cup and enjoy a nice day outside.

After about 6 hours of drinking, the only thing your body wants is something substantial. Astoria happens to have a large Slovakian community. With our Slovakian friend’s guidance, we went to Koliba. When you walk in, it’s like you’ve entered a European ski/hunting lodge with grandma’s chotchkies on the walls. There are decorative plates, shoes and farming tools on the walls. It was very festive and it transported you to another country. For appetizer, we had this fried dough zeppoli type thing with cheese on top. OMG so good. I ordered the garlic soup which was like a big garlic explosion in my mouth with melted cheese. It reminded me of French onion soup. For the entree, I had the potato spaetzle with sheep’s cheese and bacon. It was like a mix between gnocchi and mac n cheese. It was the first time I had sheep’s cheese (I didn’t even know they produced milk). It was lovely, a little tart and creamy. My sister ordered the perogies which were the best I’ve ever had. It was so good that my drunk friend ate all of them right off her plate (sorry bebe). Another friend had the 1/2 roast duckling with red cabbage and dumplings. That was really good as well. The food is definitely stick-to-your-ribs kind of food but so good and you can’t even feel guilty about it because it’s so tasty. The dinner was very memorable. There were laughs, toasts, shots, champagne, and nutella crepes. It was the best birthday I’ve ever had. Thanks to all my friends and family who came and made it special. It was also a great day because I had the opportunity to go to Astoria, a borough I rarely visit. That’s what I love about NY there’s always a new cuisine to try and a borough to discover.