Winter Escape in Vieques

My boyfriend surprised me with an early birthday present to Vieques, Puerto Rico this past weekend.  Vieques is a small island off the main land of Puerto Rico.  I went there 5 years ago and it’s changed so much since then that my experience this time around was very different.  We stayed at the W Retreat which in some ways has opened the flood gates of tourism to the island.  Everyone on our flight from New York to San Jaun was on their way to the W.

I had the most amazing weekend filled with things that I love to do: Diving the reefs and seeing eagle rays, drinking painkillers (my new favorite drink), basking in the sun (my dermatologist will kill me) and eating local seafood and everything plantains.  Our favorite activity was kayaking the bioluminescent bay with Abe’s.  It was such a magical experience.  You literally see fish glowing as they swim and when you dip your hand in the water, your hand is glowing.  Vieques’ bio bay has the largest concentration of bioluminescence in the world.

I loved the W’s decor and was getting inspiration for decorating our apartment.  I would recommend leaving the hotel for dinners to Esperanza where the scene is lively and you get to hang with the locals.  The best part is you don’t need your passport to get there.

{20 minute plane ride from San Juan}

{Entry way to the W}

{The living room where I learned how to play chess!}

{I loved the colors of this relaxation spot}

 {DIY idea for coat hooks}

 {As you can see by my paleness it’s the first day}

 {Conch & shrimp curry at El Quenepo}

 {Getting up early to grab our spots}

 {The W’s private beach}

 {This is my non-graceful way of getting out of the pool}

 {Thanks to my love for the wonderful trip xoxo}