Sag Harbor

sagharbor1I really love the small town feel of Sag Harbor.  I’ve been going to Sag Harbor for about 14 years now with my girlfriends from college whose family has a house there.  Fourteen years ago, we would go out for a relaxing weekend to take a break from school.  It was the Hamptons before it was the “Hamptons” and before it became a destination.  Back then, we would go to the beach and cook at home we rarely ventured out.  I didn’t fully appreciate how wonderful Sag Harbor really was until this past weekend when my girlfriend Justine and I went to escape the city life.  What I love about staying at their family house is that you can walk to a private beach and it’s within walking distance to a couple of great eating spots.  We also found a marina where you can rent sail boats, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards.  The house is also special because it holds so many memories of us as young twenty-somethings.  This weekend was probably the best I’ve had all Summer.

We arrived late on Friday night, changed into jammies, drank red wine and ate brick oven pizza from Cappelletti’s and passed out.  That’s my kind of Friday night.  Saturday morning we woke up early, got green smoothies at Jimmy Jim’s, which is this cute deli in Sag Harbor, and spent all the day at the beach.  I mentioned frequently to Justine that even though Sag Harbor is not on the ocean side, it’s still so gorgeous.  There are all these smaller beaches with hardly anyone on them and all these nature preserves.  There is a special small town feeling you get when you’re here probably because there’s still old school delis, old buildings, and locals who have been living there for decades year round.  Of course this feeling fades really fast when you see the Kardashians flying by on a speed boat.  Well, I guess it was our one obligatory Kardashian sighting for the Summer.

Normally, I don’t like to go to restaurants that are “trendy” or hyped up especially in the Hamptons because you end up waiting hours for a table, spending way too much money, and you’re only buying into the “scene.”  Justine suggested we check out Tutto Il Giorno and I thought why not end the day with a nice meal?  We were originally supposed to wait an hour for a table but after getting a glass of wine at the bar, they seated us right away-score!  Don’t you love when that happens?  The meal was yummy.  Mind blowing-no but for the Hamptons, it was really good.  What I did love about the place was the ambiance.  I loved the airy-loft-like feel of the restaurant and the low-lit candle light, it was very romantic.  Sunday we started the morning off with a little stand up paddle board in the bay.  It was Justine’s first time and she couldn’t believe what a great workout it was.  We spent another heavenly afternoon at the beach but we were depressed because we had to drive back home.  I love weekends like these when it’s totally unplanned, chill, and relaxing.  I felt healthy and rested for the coming week.

Sag Harbor will always hold a special place in my heart.