Packing List

When I travel, I never check-in my luggage maybe it’s because I hate the thought of lugging a big suitcase with me.  It’s also because I’m hyper-organized.  I make lists and pack only what I will wear.  I begin by laying everything out on the bed so I can see everything and then I edit down.  I pack basics such as white and black t-shirts, black and denim skinny jeans, a black dress, and a black sweater.  I mix, match, and layer these basics to create different outfits using the same pieces.  I add color with my bag and scarf and make it interesting with jewelry.  I found this amazing site called 3 fl oz that sells all your favorite beauty products in 3 ounces!  This is my routine 24 hours before traveling:

1) Check weather in destination city.

2) Check-in for flight, print boarding passes and itinerary.

3) Make sure all clothes that are to be packed are laundered.

4) Confirm transportation.  For New Yorkers, I take the shuttle bus to LaGuardia ($12) or JFK ($15) from Grand Central.


New York Airport Service


3 Fl oz