Packing for Europe

After all my years of traveling, I’ve become an expert packer, stubborn carry-on nazi, and outfit mix master.  I’m leaving for Europe tonight for a week and I managed to pack everything I needed in a carry-on with all the items in the above photo plus under garments, which I didn’t feel appropriate to include in the photo.  Read my previous post in regards to packing here.  My strategy is to check the weather in the destination city and start pulling out clothes that I want to wear.  Then, I create outfits and edit the pile down.  I make sure that all my tops go with the bottoms so I can mix and match.  I like to wear skinny jeans because they can tuck into boots or you can wear them with flats.  I feel like they are the most versatile jean.  I also love wearing my skinny jeans on over night flights because they are comfortable enough to sleep in.  At least mine are, they are painted on!  I usually wear my sneakers on the plane because they take up the most room in a suitcase and I don’t want to walk through airport security barefoot-ew!  Since I’m carrying on my luggage, all my toiletries are 3 ounces or less.  I love the whole ritual of traveling.  Getting to the airport, even through security, buying magazines, getting on the plane, and after all these years, I still get butterflies when the plane takes off.