Excursions, ME, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

Motorcycle Diaries Part I

Yea we could’ve rented a car and stayed at 4 star hotels, but what’s the fun in that?  My boyfriend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip on the road less traveled.  This is the first time that I’ve ever gone on a trip without hotel reservations.  We would decide where to go at least 2 nights before and make reservations along the way.  I’ve learned on this trip that I’m not as spontaneous as I thought.  When my boyfriend would make an unscheduled stop, it would make me anxious because I wanted to be on schedule.  The great thing about going off course is that you discover some pretty amazing places like a secluded beach.  The downside is terrible food.  So far, we’ve had 2 very bad meals which were hard to recover from.  After our stay in Maine, we decided to head to Prince Edward Island since both of us had never been and we love oysters and mussels.  All we’ve done since we got here is eat oysters, I ate a record 18 last night.   PEI is a picturesque island with red sand beaches and rolling green hills.  Tomorrow morning, we are taking the ferry to Nova Scotia to ride the famous Cabot Trail in Cape Breton.  This is apparently every motorcycle riders’ dream.  I never thought of myself as a Harley girl but there’s nothing like riding in the open air looking at beautiful landscapes.

  1. Portland, ME
  2. Rockland, ME for the lobster festival
  3. Camden, ME
  4. St. Andrews, New Brunswick for lunch
  5. St. John, New Brunswick
  6. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

 {Lobster lunch at the lobster festival in Rockland, ME}

 {The Great George in Charlottetown, PEI}

 {PEI Mussels at Peakes Quay}

 {Learning how to shuck oysters at Claddagh Oyster House}

 {Stopping at the beach at Prince Edward Island National Park}