Istanbul Eats

istanbuleats1When people ask me how the food was in Istanbul there’s only one word: amazing.  Everything was so fresh and so flavorful, you really can’t go wrong with any of the options.  Everything from the street food to the up and coming chef’s restaurant was memorable.  There was definitely an abundance of your typical Turkish food like kebabs and yogurt but there were so many dishes that I’ve never seen before.  Because of it’s history and location, Turkish cuisine is a mix of its Ottoman heritage, Middle Eastern, Asian and European influences.  Since Istanbul is such a large cosmopolitan city, there’s now influences from around the world.  Here were some of my favorite Istanbul eats.

istanbuleats2 Under the Galata bridge you can get a whole fresh fish grilled.

istanbuleats3At Dürümzade you can probably get the best kebab you will ever taste.

istanbuleats4The kebab includes fresh ingredients.

istanbuleats5The kebab is made with homemade flatbread that’s grilled.

istanbuleats6At Sekiz Istanbul, the chef makes Turkish cuisine with a modern twist.

istanbuleats7Isn’t the plating just gorgeous?

istanbuleats8 Pearl couscous with beet reduction and pine nuts

istanbuleats9 Duck liver

istanbuleats10Beef ragu on bazlama bread

istanbuleats11The wet burger as seen on Anthony Bourdain’s show.

istanbuleats12 It’s actually really tasty.

istanbuleats13 This is a common sight in Istanbul.

istanbul14 For delicious lamb grilled in a fire pit go to Sur Ocakbasi.

istanbuleats15 The best baklava I’ve ever had at Hafiz Mustafa.

istanbuleats16 These Turkish delights don’t look like much but they’re so addictive!

istanbuleats17 Turkey’s answer to the bagel-Simit

istanbul18Freshly baked simits

istanbuleats19 Lahmacun or Turkish pizza