Favorite Travel Snacks


1. Justin’s almond butter | 2. gimme organic seaweed | 3. Hu Kitchen dark chocolate | 4. Chia seed bars | 5. Tazo decaf chai tea | 6. Vega one vegan protein shake | 7. Organic mango | 8. Organic pistachios

It’s a challenge to eat healthy when you’re traveling.  It’s easy to grab a donut, a sugary drink, or a burger when you’re in a rush to catch your flight or you’re road trippin’.  The best defense for me is to stock up on healthy snacks so that when I’m traveling, I’ll grab something healthy instead of beef jerky (don’t judge).  I love snacks that are high in protein, organic, contain a few ingredients, and are delicious.  With Summer travel plans in the near future, these are my favorite travel snacks that I will be stocking up on.