Amalfi Coast Drive

With Positano as our home base, I really wanted to venture out to the other towns in the Amalfi Coast.  I was told that the best way to see the other towns is to drive to them.  I have been on some epic scenic drives in my life but I have to say that the Amalfi Coast drive is the most beautiful.  I had the brilliant and crazy idea to rent a scooter and drive the scenic route myself.  Luckily for me and for Grace, I’ve driven a scooter before and I’m a fast learner.  We rented a scooter from Pepe (link here) who’s shop was located right in front of our hotel.  I knew Pepe was legit because he made me take 2 driving tests before letting us go.  Thankfully, I passed and we were off on our adventure.  Many people told us on the way that we were crazy Americans.  I’m guessing it’s because the roads are windy and close to the cliff.

Our first planned stop was for lunch in Amalfi.  We must have stopped a dozen times along the way because there were so many quaint little towns that don’t really get attention.  At every turn, there’s an amazing view that we would have to pull over and take photos off.  When we stopped in Amalfi, we noticed that it was considerably more crowded than Positano.  We had lunch at Taverna degli Apostoli which is located at the bottom of the stairs of the cathedral (If you’re facing the cathedral it’s to the left).  This place came recommended to me by a friend which is always better than going blind.  At first glance, I was skeptical but the food was so good and probably the best meal I had in Italy.  To be honest, the crowd deterred us from wanting to stay longer so we got back on the scooter and headed to Ravello, our last stop.

Ravello is unlike Positano or Amalfi in terms of location; Ravello is perched up on the mountain.  It’s also less crowded because it’s farther away from the main towns.  We went to Villa Cimbrone which is an 11th century villa converted to a hotel.  The gardens and grounds are gorgeous.  It’s a 15 minute walk from town but definitely worth the effort.  If you have the time and the courage to rent a scooter and drive the Amalfi Coast, I highly recommend it.  It was by far the highlight of the trip.  We got back to Positano around 6pm just in time for the sunset and dinner.  Pepe was happy we all came back in one piece.