Paris Scrapbook

paris scrapbook v1

You know the saying…Paris is always a good idea.  I was lucky enough to go on a European adventure with three of my best girlfriends and to kick off the adventure, Betty and I started in Paris.  This was my third time in Paris and I have to say, it was just as magical as the first two times.  With every trip to Paris, I discover new restaurants and local spots; However, this was the first time that I relinquished all control over planning because this was Betty’s birthday so I let her take the reigns.  I can’t even say it was hard because it was nice to not have to be “on” and plan every detail of every day.  It was also nice to see Paris through someone else’s eyes.  I keep falling more and more in love with this city that feeds my heart and soul so much.  This scrapbook is a compilation of my favorite new finds and old time favorites.