Day Trips From NYC

daytrips1{Fire Island, New York}

The greatest thing about living in New York, NY is the proximity to so many cool places.  When I need to escape the city for the day, there are so many favorite places to choose from.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite places that are 2 hours and less from NYC.  The photo above is the Fire Island lighthouse in Fire Island, New York.  Fire Island has become one of my favorite places to go because it’s only about 60 miles from the city and has some of the most gorgeous beaches in NY.  I went last weekend and was shocked by how much the landscape has changed post Hurricane Sandy.  It’s still one of my favorite places to go for the day.

daytrips2 {Bannerman’s Castle Photo by Thom Johnson}

Bannerman’s Castle is a beautiful castle located in the Hudson Valley.  It’s only accessible by boat.  It’s chock-full of history for any history buff and for the outdoorsy type, you can kayak to the castle (read here).

daytrips3 {Governor’s Island Image from Governor’s Island Blog}

Governor’s Island is a New Yorker’s mini getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It’s a 10 minute ferry ride from downtown Manhattan.  What’s great about Governor’s Island is that you can see public art or rent bikes and discover the island.  My boyfriend and I like to pack a picnic and hangout on the lawn.  I would say the best part is the ferry ride which gives you a chance to see the Statue of Liberty and a view of lower Manhattan from the water.

daytrips4 {Spring Lake, NJ Photo by Dan Beards}

The Shore!  The first time I went to Spring Lake was when I lived in Belmar, NJ for a summer.  I was in awe of the Victorian houses and the beautiful boardwalk and beach.  Spring Lake is only 66 miles from the city so it’s an easy beach day.

daytrips5 {Bear Mountain Photo by Todd Seekircher}

I grew up in New City, NY which is 30 miles South of Bear Mountain.  Growing up, my friends and I would frequent Bear Mountain for hikes in the Spring and Summer, leaf peeping in the Fall and ice skating in the Winter.  It’s the best 1 hour getaway from the city when you want to escape to nature.  When you hike to the top of Bear Mountain, you can actually see the Manhattan skyline on a clear day.  A fun fact is that part of the Appalachian trail is on Bear Mountain and you can oftentimes see hikers on it.