Excursions, NY

Croteaux Vineyard

croteaux1It’s no secret that I’m a huge francophile so when I heard that there was a French-inspired vineyard in the North Fork of Long Island, I had to visit.  At Croteaux, it’s a rosé only vineyard which happens to be my favorite.  When we walked in, it felt like we were transported to Provence.  We were all blown away by how beautiful the vineyard and the grounds were.  I was obsessed with the ambiance and aesthetic.  It’s almost as if they took all of my favorite things like farmhouses, barns, wildflowers, and French inspired decor and put it in one place.  Paula and Michael, the owners, were so very warm and welcoming.  We couldn’t help but notice how happy they were, it made us want to quit our jobs and move there.  We did the tasting outside in the tasting garden which couldn’t be more picturesque.  We tasted 6 different rosés but our favorite was the 2012 Merlot 3 rosé.  It was perfectly crisp and sweet for a hot Summer day.  Croteaux is like a Pinterest board, full of inspiration and great rosé.