A Day in Bimini

I randomly won a free cruise to Bimini in the Bahamas this past December.  I went on a cruise once for my 16th birthday to the Caribbean with my family and I wasn’t completely sold on the idea.  I don’t like places where you’re confined in a vessel for an extended period of time only to spend 8 hours at your destination.  I was willing to give cruising another chance since it was free.

My sister and I flew into Ft Lauderdale for the night to soak up some sun and beach time.  The next morning, we drove to Palm Beach Port where we boarded our cruise ship.  As an awkward 16 year old, I hated the cheesy shows, bingo nights, and the games.  I believed I was way too cool for that stuff.  Today, I can proudly confess that I’m a 30-something cheese ball who LOVES karaoke night, TV show trivia and the dance performance shows.  I also found that not having to worry about food and drinks for the entire trip was a surprising relief.  Is this a sign that I’m getting old?

We set sail at 6pm and sailed all night.  We arrived Bimini at 7am just in time for the sunrise.  I’ve never been to the Bahamas before but I heard Bimini is great because it’s small and there’s not many tourists.  It’s only 8 miles long so you can see the entire island in a day.  We rented golf carts to get around because it’s the best way to navigate through the tiny streets.  If you’re not a beach person, this island might not be for you because there’s not much else to do.  I can literally lay all day at the beach.  I’m totally in my element when I’m swimming in the turquoise blue water.  My favorite thing that we did was go to Joe’ Conch Shack to get fresh conch salad.  You can see them taking the conch out of its shell behind the shack.  It’s so fresh and delicious.

I loved this cruise experience and I’m going to be more open minded about them in the future.  Bimini was a wonderful introduction to the Bahamas and now I’m very tempted to explore the other islands.