Québec City

My girlfriends and I wanted to take a girls trip for a weekend in April.  We were debating between warm and cold destinations.  In April, you can go either way.  My girlfriend Marcella has always wanted to go to Québec City.  I’ve honestly never even considered going to Québec City; mostly because I didn’t know much about it.  When she told me that it was like Montreal and has an equally great food scene, I was sold.  I found this incredible Airbnb in the center of Vieux-Québec (old town).  It was the perfect place for 4 girls.  Every local we met said April was not the best time to visit (the Winter and Summer are).  I thought however, we picked a really good time because there were virtually no tourists around and it was easy to get reservations everywhere.  I would love to go back for the Winter because apparently they have Winter festivals, an ice hotel, and a ice toboggan slide right in town.  Winter done right.

My first impression of Québec City was that it’s very similar to Montreal.  It has the French influence as well as similar architecture.  There are amazing restaurants, art museums, wineries North of town, a beautiful waterfall, hiking, and skiing nearby.  Basically, there is something for everyone.  After this trip, I definitely think Canada is underrated.  Most of the Canadian destinations I’ve gone to, I had little to no expectations but ended up loving it.  Read Motorcycle Diaries Part I and Part II.  We also had the US dollar in our favor for once.  This is my Québec City guide which will definitely be expanded with future trips to come!

How to get there:

There are non-stop flights from NYC to Québec City but they were on the pricey side so I took an Air Canada flight flying through Montreal.  One thing to note:  Uber is very new here so we had the same four Uber drivers all weekend.  If you don’t have a car, it’s the cheapest way to get around town especially from the airport.

Where to stay:

You should definitely stay in Vieux-Québec for its charming architecture.  We stayed in an Airbnb because there were four of us and we wanted to stay together.  It was also more affordable than the hotels in the same area.

Where to eat:

  1. La Planque – Best dinner we had hands down.
  2. Le Lapin Sauté – Best brunch spot.  You should get the rabbit benedict.
  3. Le Projet Spécialité Microbrasseries – Microbrews and the best poutin.
  4. Le Renard et La Chouette – Cute dinner spot where you feel like you’re in Paris.
  5. MacFly Bar Arcade – Drinks in an old school arcade.

What to do:

  1. See amazing works from local artists at The Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec.
  2. Wander around the Vieux-Québec neighborhood.
  3. Get a drink at the historic Château Frontenac hotel bar.
  4. In the Winter, go on an ice toboggan slide at Au 1884 also visit the Hotel de Glace which is a hotel made of ice.
  5. See Montmorency Falls in Parc de la Chute.  It’s a very impressive waterfall just a short distance from the city center.
  6. Go wine tasting – The whole island of lle d’Orleans has a bunch of wineries on it.  We went to Vignoble Ste – Pétronille bought a bottle of wine and sat outside until it got too chilly.