Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

Motorcycle Diaries Part II

I’ve never eaten so much seafood in my life.  For ten days, I ate some variation of a fish, crustacean, or shell fish for every lunch and dinner.  The seafood was mind-blowing; even better than I dreamed of.  It’s true what they say about eating foods from the source, the flavor is incomparable.  The snow crab from Nova Scotia had the perfect balance of sweet and salty in the meat which I had never tasted before.  The oysters smelled like an ocean breeze and tasted salty with a sweet finish.

Enough about the food…after a couple of days in Prince Edward Island, we took the ferry to Caribou, Nova Scotia and drove to Cape Breton to do the Cabot Trail.  The Cabot Trail is a scenic drive that’s 185 miles on the cliffs of Cape Breton as well as the national park.  The drive reminded me of Route 1 in California from Orange County to San Francisco.  My favorite part of the trip was waking up for the sunrise and driving from the Northern part of Cape Breton through the West side with no one else on the road.  We even saw a moose crossing.  I couldn’t believe how big it was!  The 12 hour drive back to Portland, Maine was not pretty.  I just kept reminding myself of all the wonderful things we saw and ate.  Here are the stats of our motorcycle trip: We rode 2,620 miles which is almost equivalent to a cross country trip, no fights, 1 meltdown (that was me), 2.5 bad meals, 1 helmut stolen, 87 oysters consumed, drove through 6 states, 600 photos taken, 1 skill acquired (read here), and 1 motorcycle trip done.

 {Prince Edward Island}

 {Here comes the ferry}

 {Leaving Prince Edward Island}

 {Taking photos from the back}

 {Fresh Nova Scotia snow crab}

 {Riding through the Cape Breton Highlands on the Cabot Trail}

 {Watching the sunrise as we leave}

 {Rear view of the winding roads}

 {After a 12 hour ride, happy to be in Portland}