Blue Mosque

bluemosque1I guess if you’re gonna go to a mosque for the first time, it might as well be one of the most famous.  It’s hard to miss the blue mosque when you get off the metro.  It’s massive and so beautiful from the outside.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never seen a mosque before but it’s like no other structure I’ve ever seen before.  We had to borrow scarves from my friend Jillian because women are required to cover their head.  We also had to take off our shoes before entering.  When I walked in, my mouth dropped.  You just cannot believe how stunning the tiles are.  I can only equate the experience to looking up in the Sistine Chapel or looking up at the stars on a really clear night.  I guess the only way to express what I’m trying to convey is through photos even though they won’t do it justice.