24 Hours in Singapore

I was flying from Bali to the Philippines and had a 24-hour layover in Singapore. I confess that I planned it that way because I really wanted to see Singapore. I heard from friends that it’s the cleanest city in the world and being from New York, I had to see this for myself. 

Singapore is the perfect layover city. It is the gateway to most Asian countries and the rest of the world. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city; I don’t know any other city, except for New York, where different ethnic groups mix together to be a unique culture. The different ethnic groups you can find in Singapore are Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western influences. You can see and feel the different ethnicities represented throughout the city.

Walking around Singapore, I could immediately see that it is THE cleanest city I have ever been to. It’s also the safest and for good reason because there are some strict laws. I had to look them up before I went to Singapore because I didn’t want to be fined or end up in jail! Things like chewing gum, littering, jaywalking, taking drugs (obviously), and dancing on counters are just a few illegal activities. Before you go, you should read the laws!

I was only in Singapore for 24 hours so it was too short of a trip but I loved my day there. I have no doubt I will be back because it’s one of the major hubs in Asia. These are the things I did in Singapore.

I used my Starwood points to stay at The Vagabond Club, a boutique hotel in the Jalan Besar neighborhood. Jalan Besar, located near Little India, is known for its local eats. Recently, it’s home to a highly concentrated number of cool cafes and bars. Do I dare say hipster spot?

I saw this green tea croissant on Instagram from Tiong Bahru Bakery and it happened to be in Singapore! The bakery/cafe serves brunch fare that’s a mix of French, Asian and American. I love brunch and this place just hit the spot! I needed to fuel up for a full day of exploring.

My favorite way of seeing a city is by walking. I passed this building and was awestruck by the colors! It’s the MICA building.

I heard that Chinatown has all of the beautiful old colonial buildings. So I headed there to wander around. A really cute street where you can see all of the colonial shophouses is Bukit Pasoh Street.

I took an Uber to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. This mall is incredible. Not only is it architecturally stunning but it reminded me of the malls in Vegas. The mall is a destination in itself that offers things to do beyond shopping. I wasn’t there to go shopping, however, I wanted to go to the Art Science Museum.

Isn’t this amazing? I loved this museum because it’s where art meets science. This was my favorite installation for obvious reasons. I’m obsessed with lights!

After the museum, I made my way to Gardens by the Bay and stumbled upon this huge steel structure. I thought it was cool.

Cloud Forest

If you’re in Singapore, you have to go to Gardens by the Bay. It’s basically a huge garden in the middle of the city. There are 3 gardens within the nature park and it’s worth seeing all of them. I wish every city in the world made it their mission to include nature into the city’s architecture.

This is the view of the Marina Bay Sands hotel from the Supertree Grove Skyway.

If you google best hotel pool in the world, it will most likely say the Marina Bay Sands pool. I didn’t stay at the hotel but I really wanted to see the view. There is a rooftop bar where non-guests can get a drink. My drink was $34 but worth the view. It’s also the best spot to watch the sunset.

When I went to the restroom, I got a sneak peak at the famous hotel pool.

For dinner, I was really craving Mexican food only because I had been traveling through Asia for 2 months. I really wanted to visit a traditional Hawker Center but I wasn’t close to one. I went to Super Loco which was located near Marina Bay Sands. The restaurant is located on the river so I got to sit outside. The whole vibe felt like New York City in the Summer time. I got the softshell crab tacos and a margarita and it was pure heaven.

What a day in Singapore! If you have a chance to see Singapore even if it’s only for a day, it’s totally worth it! There’s so much to do and to see. Next time, my mission is to eat more of the local food!