Myanmar is such a magical country with so many unique qualities:  In Yangon, the patrons make kissing noises to get a waiter’s attention.  The women and children wear thanaka which is sunscreen made from ground bark.  The unorganized yet organized transportation system.  The fisherman in Inle Lake who row their boats with one leg.  The long neck women of Inle Lake.  The delicious pickled tea salad.  The 4 million monks in Myanmar.  The 3,000 pagodas in Bagan.  Being barefoot and not giving AF whether your feet are dirty.  The Burmese are still sweet and curious and the tourists who come here are searching for more than a boozy vacation.  Here’s some helpful information:


  • To get to Yangon, the capital city, I flew on Thai Air Asia from Bangkok
  • To get to Inle Lake, I flew to Heho airport from Yangon on Air KBZ.  Then a 45 minute taxi ride to Nyaung Shwe.
  • To get to Mandalay, I took the overnight bus from Inle Lake.  It took 6 hours and cost $13 USD.  I booked the ticket with my hotel.
  • To get to Bagan, I took MGRG boat from Mandalay.  It took 10 hours and cost $42 USD.  I booked the ticket with my hostel.
  • To fly to Chiang Mai, I flew from Bagan to Yangon on FMI airlines then Bangkok Airways from Yangon to Chiang Mai.
  • You have to negotiate hard for tuk tuks and taxis because no one has a meter.  I emailed my hotels and hostels what I should expect to pay.


  • I spent $536.58 in 10 days which works out to $53.66 per day.
  • I spent $208.19 on internal flights.
  • Total spent was $744.77
  • You should carry new and crisp US dollars if you don’t plan to use their currency.

More Info

  • Min-ga-la-ba – Hello
  • Cè-zù tin-ba-deh – Thank you
  • Have temple gear ready.  For women, wear long skirts and your shoulders covered.
  • Wear flip flops because you will have to go barefoot in all the pagodas.


Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon


Kids playing in Yangon


Cruising the floating market in Inle Lake


Old and new stupas in In Dein in Inle Lake


Shwenandaw Pagoda in Mandalay


U Bein Bridge near Mandalay


Balloons over Bagan


Discovering no named temples


Noodles at the Yangon International Airport