Asia Pacific

Layover in Bangkok


I have to be honest, after my trip to Bangkok in 2005, it wasn’t my favorite.  This is the main reason why I’m just flying through.  I was in Bangkok for less than 24 hours for a long layover.  I stayed at this amazing hostel, The Yard, in the Ari neighborhood of Bangkok.  Ari is an up and coming neighborhood that has cute cafes and restaurants.  The Yard was one of the best hostel experiences I’ve ever had; I loved the ambiance, the other travelers and the location which was away from the craziness of downtown.  I’m not someone who likes to stay at a hostel all day so I ventured to the Chatuchak weekend market which is only opened Saturdays and Sundays.  It’s one of the biggest markets in the world and there are vendors who sell everything from clothes to food to home goods.  It was also conveniently only 2 stops away on the metro.  

The main reason I don’t like Bangkok is the taxi drivers.  I actually have an aversion to them.  Talk about frustration.  They are notorious for never turning on their meter so you either have to get out of the taxi or haggle like crazy.  I did the latter until my face was blue.  It left me completely exhausted.  Uber just started in Bangkok but oftentimes, their GPS wasn’t accurate so I would end up in random spots.  I found it useful to use Uber to and from the airport.  

I really wanted to eat street food on Yaowarat Road in Chinatown so after I negotiated with a taxi driver, I headed that way.  Chinatown is insane!  Be prepared for Times Square on crack.  After sampling a delicious mango sticky rice, I plopped down at Lek & Rut (red restaurant) one half of the famous red and green restaurant rivalry.  The line at the green restaurant was too long.  You sit at these plastic tables and chairs in the midst of pure chaos.  It’s hot, noisy and crowded but it’s all part of the Bangkok experience!  I ordered a scallop curry, veggies, cockles and a cold Chang beer.  Eating street food is a part of the South East Asian experience so get over your fears! 

If this is your first time in Bangkok, you should definitely check out the temples especially Wat Pho which houses the largest reclining Buddha as well as the floating markets. 


The cute restaurant at The Yard Hostel


The bar and also where you get your breakfast at The Yard


My room has a little balcony


The common room


So excited that the cafe at The Yard served fresh salads


Shopping and indulging in fruit at the Chatuchak Weekend Market


Mangosteens! We don’t get those in the States


Grilled Seafood at Chatuchak Market


Walking past the Grand Palace at night


Yaowarat Road in Chinatown


Kitchen at Lek & Rut on Yaowarat Road


No night in Bangkok would be complete without Chang beer


All the locals were ordering the cockles so that’s what I did


Mango sticky rice


Waiting for my pad thai


Pad thai to go which was only $1


The Yard’s cute backyard


The breakfast is free and adorable!