I’ll keep this post short and sweet since honestly, the only thing my girlfriends and I did was hang out by the pool and go to a famous waterfall.  My two girlfriends from New York, Betty and Grace came to meet me across the globe in Lombok, Indonesia.  Yes, they are amazing friends!  We stayed at Qunci Villas on Senggigi Beach.  In my experience, hotels on the beach have sub par food but the food at Qunci was beyond edible it was delicious!  The location, the resort grounds and the service were incredible.

For reference, Lombok is the island next to Bali.  Travelers like myself are lured to Lombok because it isn’t as built up as Bali.  Except for Tiu Kelep waterfalls.  Every instagrammer and blogger has a photo from these waterfalls.  It is the one place in Lombok where we saw the most tourists.  I want to say that the waterfalls were majestic but there were so many tourists, it took away from the beauty of a natural wonder.  Have you ever been to Niagra Falls?  There’s a reason that they make you wear that tarp.  It’s because you’re literally being showered by thousands of gallons of water being pounded into a. small lake.  Also, it was a schlep.  The round trip car ride from Senggigi Beach was 4 hours and you have to hike about 40 minutes to get to the actual waterfall.  I have two pieces of advice: 1) Only venture there if you love to chase waterfalls (get it?) and 2) you should stay at a hotel close by so you can get there early sans tourists.

Like I said, the only thing of note that we did in Lombok was the Tiu Kelep waterfalls and a bunch of girl bonding.  At 2 months into my South East Asian adventure, I was craving my girlfriends from back home.  Lombok is also the best place to catch a ferry to the Gili islands which was our next destination.  Lombok is a place that I need to get back to in order to really experience all that the island has to offer.  Until then, Qunci Villas was the

The infinity pool

The calm before all the pool revelers

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

One can get used to this view

Tropical fruits

Dinner by the beach

Girlfriends reunited

How beautiful is this table

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Floral wash

Pool time

Meeting each other across the globe