Bali Part III

The last stop of my Bali trip was in Canggu.  Canggu is the place that probably comes to mind when you think of Bali: Surfing, yoga, and vegan cafes.  When I went to Bali 12 years ago, I stayed in Kuta which was the main tourist hub and Canggu was only inhabited by locals.  Today, you would be lucky if you even see Balinese locals because there are so many people now!  The only locals I met worked at the Pineapple House where I stayed.  The Pineapple house is a boutique retreat that offers surfing, yoga and healthy eats.  I stayed there for four days and three nights which was way too short.

I took surfing lessons with Sunni who has been surfing his whole life on the beaches of Canggu.  If any of you surf, you know that paddling out is the hardest workout!  By the 3rd hour, I was so tired and I was losing the motivation to ride a big wave.  Sunnie taught me a very important lesson, once you catch a big one, it’s easy-riding from there.  He also told me to suck it up because being a surfer means chasing the big waves.  If you opt for the yoga package, you take classes at Desa Seni, which is a world-renowned yoga center.  The grounds are just gorgeous.  I loved the manager at the Pineapple House, Iffa, she was so helpful with everything that I needed during my stay.  She was so warm and welcoming.  The entire team was so wonderful.  I’m already strategizing on how I can go back next year!

Another cool experience to cap off an already amazing trip was my friend’s friend started Love Is Project and they were doing a photo shoot at La Laguna in Canggu.  She invited me to come along.  I wouldn’t call myself a model but being a part of that experience was so fun.  I met so many creative people working on their dream from Bali.  Meeting all these creatives opened up my eyes to the possibility that a different kind of life is possible.  It was the first time in my life where I felt like I met my tribe.  People from all walks of life pursuing their dream life.  It was so inspiring to see in person.  I loved them so much, we hung out all weekend in Canggu.  They showed me around Canggu from a local’s perspective which is my favorite way to see a new place.  My time in Canggu was easily the best part of my entire Asia trip because of my experience at The Pineapple House and all the people I met.

The Pineapple House

The Pineapple House’s amazing pool

Such a cozy spot

Iffa making my breakfast

Smoothie bowl for breakfast

Sunnie who was born and raised in Bali teaches me how to surf

I love all the healthy cafes in Canggu like The Shady Shack

…and Peloton Supershop

La Laguna is a gypsy’s heaven

Love is Project photoshoot

The Lawn in Canggu for sunset