Seattle Revisited

seattle1{Fremont Troll}

After my trip to LA, I decided to pop up to Seattle to visit my best friend.  During my first trip to Seattle (read here), I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it.  There are so many outdoor activities, odd ball things to see, and beautiful landscapes.  It’s the only place where you can be at the beach in shorts and then on a snowy mountain an hour later.  We were joined by our other best friend who flew in from New York so it was officially a girl’s weekend.  5 things you definitely have to do in Seattle: 1) Walk through Pike Place Market and see the Pike Place Fish Co tossing the fish around. Also, the first ever Starbucks is there 2) The Gum Wall just underneath Pike Place Market is a sight to be seen. Bring hand sanitizer! 3) The Fremont Troll is free and is a fun thing to see 4) Take a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island which is a classic Seattle thing to do 5) See the cityscape, waterfront, and mountains through the ferris wheel. You can also see the space needle.  For more things you should do, read below.

seattle2{Seeing Seattle from the Ferris Wheel}

seattle3{Crabs at Pike Place Market}

seattle4{Veggies at Pike Place Market}

seattle5{Dahlias at Pike Place Market}

seattle6 {The gum wall}

seattle7 {Contributing to the gum wall}

seattle8 {Pho at Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant}

seattle9 {Wine tasting at the Darby Winery during a power outage}

seattle10 {Salmon crostini at Spur gastropub}

seattle11 {Waygu sirloin at Spur gastropub}

seattle12 {Hanging peppers}