Best Things To Do in Seattle


I’ve been to Seattle a couple of times now to visit my best friend Janelle who lives there.  Each time I go, I always end up doing the same tourist driven activities because my travel companion at the time has never been.  Since I’ve been to most of the must-see and do things in Seattle, I’ve come up with a list of the best things to do.  Whether you’re in Seattle for a day or a weekend, these are the cool things you should see and do while you’re there.  Not surprisingly, the last three are food related.  Look at me I’m a New Yorker playing tour guide!


1. Pike Place Market – You cannot go to Seattle without a visit to Pike Place Market.  I like to go there early in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and people watch.  The best is watching the fishmongers toss fish back and forth at the fish market.  I also love all the flower stalls; the bouquet selection is always superb.


2. The Gum Wall – I know what you’re thinking EWWWW but when will you ever see thousands of pieces of gum stuck to a wall?  It’s right by Pike Place Market so it makes a great stop.


3. The Fremont Troll – Another cool and off the beaten path thing to do in Seattle is to see the Fremont Troll.  It’s underneath the Aurora Bridge.  You should recognize it from the movie 10 Things I hate About You.  It’s definitely an Instagram worthy photo-op.


4. Ride the ferry to Bainbridge Island – The ferry ride to Bainbridge Island from the waterfront is $8 each way and well worth the money to see the Seattle skyline from the water.  There are a bunch of cool things to do on Bainbridge Island too if you have the time.  There’s the Bainbridge Island Brewery, some walking trails and cute cafes.



5. Pop-a-Squat at Gas Works Park – Gas Works Park is the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant on the North Shore of Lake Union.  I’m a New Yorker so any green space with water views is a luxury to me.  The old industrial feel gives the park a unique vibe.  This spot gives you a different perspective of the city.  Pop-a-squat on the grass with a picnic and enjoy the endless amount of people watching.


6. Eat West Coast oysters – I feel like a trader to my own coast but I love West Coast oysters especially the ones from Washington State.  They are just creamier and sweeter than the East coast ones.  My two new favorite spots in Seattle to eat oysters are Bar Melusine (left photo) and Westward (right photo).  The restaurants also have great ambiance and crowd.


7. Drinks and dinner at a waterfront spot – Seattle is such a beautiful city because it’s surrounded by a lot of water.  Seattle has the perfect mix of urban city and nature.  Whenever I’m in town, I always have drinks or dinner at a spot by the waterfront.  I discovered Westward during my last visit and I absolutely fell in love with their outdoor space.  There were Adirondack chairs with cute umbrellas, a fire pit, and a beautiful view of downtown Seattle.  My best friend and I were sipping bubbly and eating oysters; it was the perfect afternoon.


8. Eat Vietnamese food – The best Vietnamese food I’ve ever had was in Seattle.  You really can’t go wrong with a great pho or a banh mi sandwich.  My best friend Janelle took me to Bol Pho Bistro and introduced me to “bun” which is a vermicelli rice noodle salad with pork.  I love Vietnamese food so much because it’s salty, sweet, sour, tangy, and spicy all in one dish.