Thanksgiving in Utah Part II


There are those rare moments in life when you see something so breathtaking you’re in absolute awe.  I feel so blessed because I’ve had a couple of these experiences in my life so far like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, walking across the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, and swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands…just to name a few.  Seeing Bryce Canyon from the rim was one of those experiences.  Grace and I decided to hike the 3 mile Queen’s Garden loop.  Nothing crazy just a leisurely stroll through the canyon.  At times during the hike, we thought we were on a different planet.  I mean, when do you get to see red hoodoos everyday?

After our hike, we rushed back to the resort to enjoy the spa and the resort grounds.  We felt so inspired and grateful for all that we had seen so far we went out to the spiral labyrinth to do some earthing (read here) and offer something to the universe.  Well, our earthing turned lethal because little did we know, there were spiky cactus seeds all over the dirt and they were stuck to the bottom of our feet.  We both laughed hysterically because our attempt to be spiritual turned into a painful event.  In the end though, we agreed our offering was worth it because we laughed so hard and we created a moment that we will never forget.

Before we headed back to the airport, we had to see Zion National Park.  There was just not enough time to do everything we wanted to during this trip but I’m so glad we at least got a glimpse of Zion because it’s so gorgeous.  They say this place is sacred and you can definitely feel it when you’re there.  I feel like Zion is the hikers’ version of Disney World because they have shuttle buses to take you through the canyon and all the trails are easily marked.  Everyone looked genuinely happy and psyched to start their hiking journey.  I was sort of jealous I didn’t get to do an epic hike but now I have a reason to go back to Zion.

On our way back to the airport we were craving spicy Asian food so we of course had to finish the trip off with Korean food that we found in Vegas’ Chinatown.  When we finally made it to the airport 920 miles, 3 states, and 4 days later, we reflected on our trip.  Were we tired?  Hell yes.  Did we probably pack in too much?  Most definitely.  Was it totally worth it?  Absolutely.  We’re both world travelers so our biggest realization was that there are so many amazing places to see in the US.  We also realized how incredibly blessed we were that we have our health and all the wonderful people we have in our lives.  This was our Thanksgiving in Utah 2014.

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