Newport, Rhode Island

For years, I’ve been hearing so many great things about Newport, RI.  I finally decided that it was time to go and experience it myself.  It’s only a 3 and 1/2 hour drive from New York and my sister happened to have the week off.  So being spontaneous, we decided to go last week.  We picked the best and the worst time to go.  The best because since it was early in the season, there weren’t any crowds and we managed to go to all the best restaurants without any reservations.  The worst because it rained half the time derailing our sailing plans.  Being the positive-thinking Chung sisters that we are, we made the best of the weather.

We stayed at this extremely cute boutique hotel called Pearl’s of Newport which was right off the main road, Thames Street.  It was the perfect location to all the restaurants, bars, shopping, and Bannister’s Wharf.  We managed to walk everywhere.  The reason why I fell in love with Pearl’s was the proprietor, Ray who was so warm, welcoming and knowledgeable about all things Newport.  When he found out I was freezing my first night there, he started a fire for me in the fireplace.  By the way, the suite he picked out for us is the same size as my New York apartment!  Every morning, he made breakfast for the guests using fresh and organic ingredients sourced from local farms.  He also offered to be our personal tour guide of Newport.  In one word, amazing!

After 3 days in Newport, I discovered like so many others have before me, that this place is special.  It’s a city that is driven by sailing.  I’ve never seen so many beautiful sailboats in one place before.  Every restaurant, bar and shop has a subtle or not so subtle reference to sailing.  It’s also an old town with layers and layers of history behind it.  We went on the ghost tour which was actually a really great history lesson of Newport.  There are so many historic colonial buildings scattered around the city.  I couldn’t believe how old some of them were and how so many famous figures in history used to roam the streets of Newport.  My favorite thing that we did was the cliff walk and seeing the mansions that used to be the summer homes of the rich and famous.  Newport is a stunning place and I’m planning to go back this summer because I’m owed a sailing trip!


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