Storm King Art Center

stormking1Just an hour outside of New York City is an amazing sculpture park called Storm King.  This past weekend, I went to visit my parents who happen to live only 30 minutes away from Storm King.  We decided to make it a family outing.  There are 500 acres of lush rolling green hills and sculptures every where you turn.  I loved the juxtaposition between the scenery of the hills, trees and acres of grass versus some of the more architectural sculptures.  It’s amazing what a few hours of being immersed in nature and art can do to free your mind.  It almost felt like a meditation for me, except for the occassional interruptions by my parents (gotta love them).  Some of the scultpures were so outstanding we ended up sitting on a bench looking at it for a couple of minutes trying to figure out how they built it.  It was the perfect way to spend a day in the Summer.  These were some of my favorites from the day.

stormking2{Long Island Buddha}

stormking3{Three Legged Buddha}

stormking4{Gone Beyond}

stormking5 {Peace No. 2}

stormking6{Amazing view}

stormking7{There has to be physics behind this sculpture}

stormking8{This one looked like a puzzle}