Montauk Scrapbook


My parents took me to Montauk for the first time when I was a kid over 25 years ago; it was pretty desolate and had a small fishing village vibe, there was a lighthouse and state parks.  It was in no way the destination it is today.  Over the years, it’s changed so much it’s virtually unrecognizable.  During my last visit, it was a little shocking to see that it’s become a shit show.  I’ve pretty much avoided Montauk for the last 3 Summers especially during the weekends because it’s been looking more like the Jersey Shore meets a frat party.  It’s a shame too because Montauk is such a beautiful place with all its natural beauty.  I like going to Montauk during the week and for outdoor activities like hiking and surfing.  Since I was free the last week of August, I decided to go to Montauk with my sister and girlfriend in tow for a relaxing beach vacation.  We stayed at Rushmeyer’s which is my new favorite spot in the Hamptons.  It’s reminiscent of Summer camp.  We worked out in the mornings, spent the day reading on the beach, had healthy seafood dinners, went to sleep early and biked everywhere.  It was the perfect three days and the way I like to do Montauk.  If you’ve been meaning to check out Montauk, I would suggest going either during the off season like Spring and Fall or during the week to avoid the crowds.  Those three days in Montauk reminded me of how magical Montauk really is.



Sole East

Haven Montauk

The Surf Lodge



The Crow’s Nest – Delicious organic food but the draw here is the ambiance. Go early, get a drink and go by the water to watch the sunset.

Jonie’s Kitchen – This is my all time favorite spot for healthy breakfast and lunch options.

The Surf Lodge – Go for a sunset cocktail and sit on the outside patio.

Rushmeyer’s – They have themed nights like burger and movie nights.  They also have a cute backyard with a fire pit and games.

Harbor Montauk – Get drinks in the backyard where there’s sand and picnic tables. It turns into a nightclub with dancing and dj late at night.

The Montauket – Is a local dive bar that is the perfect spot for watching the sunset.



Surfing – If you’re new to surfing, take lessons with Corey’s Wave

Hiking – Go hiking in Shadmoor state park, Hither Hills state park or Camp Hero

Paddle Boarding – Our hotel rented paddleboards but if yours doesn’t, you can rent them at Air and Speed Surf Shop and Puff ‘n’ Putt where you can also rent kayaks, canoes, and Hobie cats.

Horseback riding – You can go horseback riding on the beach with Deep Hollow Ranch

Montauk Point Lighthouse – Go see this historic lighthouse that’s at the end of Long Island

Beach – I like going to Ditch Plains because it’s an ocean beach and there’s endless opportunities to watch surfers but Navy Beach is more chill and on the bay side.