Day Trip to the Hamptons

dayhamptons1{Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton}

My mama always said, you should always say yes to every opportunity that comes your way.  Since I’m all about carpe diem, I immediately said yes to an invitation to a BMW event at the Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton.  It was an event showcasing BMW’s high end cars and we were able to test drive them.  I was excited about this event because I’ve been wanting to visit the Topping Rose House which just opened.  Especially since the restaurant’s head chef is Tom Colicchio and he brings his classic American cooking to the Hamptons using local ingredients.  The Topping Rose House has beautiful grounds and is located right in the middle of Bridgehampton.  I’ve never really been into cars; in fact, I didn’t know half the cars I was test driving but these BMWs were baller.  After the event and back to reality, we went to some of my favorite spots in the Hamptons.  Wolffer Estate is my all time favorite spot in the Hamptons for it’s beautiful vineyard and great rosé.  For dinner, we had tacos at La Fondita my favorite Mexican spot in Amagansett.  I love the casual atmosphere and eating at picnic tables.  It is possible to do a day trip to the Hamptons if you plan it right.  Also, if you don’t mind being stuck in 4+ hours of traffic.

dayhamptons2{Left: Topping Rose House pool | Right: Fried oysters at the event}

dayhamptons3{The barn at the Topping Rose House}

dayhamptons4{Left: I could get used to driving this convertible | Right: Wolffer Estate Vineyard}

dayhamptons5{Fish and shrimp tacos and horchata at La Fondita}