beacon1There are so many quaint and interesting towns in the Hudson Valley that I’ve been meaning to visit.  This Summer, I decided to finally hit up some of these spots since they are so close to the city.  I’ve been recruiting my parents, sister, and friends who live in Rockland and Westchester to come with me on my buttercup adventures.  A couple of Saturdays ago, my mom and I went on a day trip to Beacon which is 1.5 hours from the city and 45 minutes from my parents’ house.  My girlfriend Marcella advised me that if I’m into art I should go to the Dia and then the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls for brunch.  I should also walk on Main Street and visit some of the galleries.  I thought art and brunch was right up our alley.

One thing I have to say about the Dia is that without knowing anything about the type of art that they display, you might walk in and say to yourself, what is this?  I did too until I remembered that it’s minimalist art and it’s all about perspectives.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Joann who explained some of the pieces to us and it opened up our minds to this type of art more so than when we walked in.  She asked us how we felt about the negative space.  Something that we might not have considered without her asking us.  I really appreciated that everyone who worked at the museum knew about the pieces and were not merely guards.  They also don’t allow photography because they want to keep the perspective of the piece to be experienced in the space of the Dia which I can appreciate. The Dia is a special place and like no other art museum you will ever visit.

After the museum, we had a picturesque brunch at the Roundhouse.  We sat on the patio outside where we had the most beautiful view of the waterfall.  The food was good but not mind blowing but we almost didn’t care because of the spectacular ambiance.  We had a long brunch and had ample mother and daughter bonding time.  We walked off our brunch on Main Street which was littered with galleries and odd ball shops.  We stopped by the Hudson Beach Glass shop where you can see them blowing the glass on site.

Beacon is becoming an artist’s mecca and a burgeoning foodie scene.  It’s still a little rough around the edges like how Williamsburg was 10 years ago but if you look closer, you will find hidden gems.  Take a day trip to Beacon for beautiful landscapes and for different perspectives.

beacon2{At the Dia Art Foundation}

beacon3{Walking to brunch}

beacon4{The Roundhouse}

beacon5 {Grilled octopus}

beacon6 {Tuna ceviche}

beacon8 {Our view during brunch}

beacon9 {Hudson Beach Glass}

beacon10 {Beacon street art}