Weekend at The Shore

theshore1When a girl needs a quick beach getaway without having to make extensive plans in advance and traveling far to get to the destination, the Jersey Shore or “The Shore” like most locals know it, is the solution.  Most people have a stigma against the Shore probably because of all the reality TV shows but the shore that I’ve grown up to know has beautiful and peaceful beaches.  Last weekend, I went to Point Pleasant for the first time for a sisters weekend at the beach.  We rented a room from Rich and Carmen via Airbnb in their gorgeous house which was located on an inlet surrounded by water.  We were able to walk everywhere because the beach was only 3 blocks away and in close proximity to all the restaurants and the boardwalk.

When you only have a weekend at the beach, it’s more about the destination than the journey (this time around).  What I loved most about Point Pleasant was that it was only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Manhattan (plus thirty minutes of traffic).  Because we were able to walk everywhere we didn’t have to worry about parking and everyone who was there seemed to eat on the earlier side like around 6 pm – 7 pm which was great for us since we ate around 8 pm and we didn’t need a reservation anywhere.  The house was located in a sleepy area of Point Pleasant but if we wanted more action and more of a fist-pumping scene, we could walk to Jenkinson’s Boardwalk which we did Saturday night for the fun of it and the whole experience made us feel like kids again.  We played way too many rounds of skee-ball and got prizes like whoopee cushions, slap bracelets, and rubber duckies. I decided it was a good idea to buy a hermit crab only to realize the next day that it probably wasn’t a good idea and the boardwalk was countless hours of people watching entertainment.  Yes, everyone expects this side of the Shore.

The other side which people don’t get to see is the natural beauty of the Shore.  There are so many natural preserves, parks and wildlife.  I didn’t realize that Point Pleasant is a fishing town.  Fishing is so prevalent in the culture there.  There are tons of seafood restaurants around that serve fresh seafood daily.  Two of our favorites were Shipwreck Point which had incredible day boat scallops and the Point Lobster Company which had the best hot lobster roll I’ve ever had.  I found out later that their lobster roll is CT style served hot on a hot dog bun with nothing but butter.  Who knew?

I just felt so fit and healthy while I was there.  Every morning we woke up and went for a run on the beach, ate a healthy breakfast, went to the beach, went swimming, walked everywhere and ate seafood for dinner.  I just love the Shore for a quick beach getaway because the beaches are beautiful, there’s fresh seafood, and for us city dwellers, it’s very close.  I would consider the Shore for your next beach getaway.