The Berkshires

berkshires1Every year, for the last ten years, my college girlfriends and I go away for a weekend trip. We make it a priority to commit to one weekend every year despite having hectic schedules, husbands, boyfriends, babies, and other life commitments.  This year, I thought it would be fun and relaxing to have a weekend in the Berkshires away from the city life.

I found this quaint and charming cabin in Pittsfield, MA through Airbnb.  It was the perfect house for us.  It was small, cozy, newly renovated and super clean (message me if you want details).  I love renting a house versus a hotel because you can cook together and hang out comfortably together.

We arrived on Friday evening just in time for the most amazing dinner at Elizabeth’s.  They source all their ingredients locally and make this unforgettable salad.  I’m still dreaming about that salad.  Elizabeth’s is literally in a house by the railroad tracks but don’t let appearances fool you, the food is incredible.  The next day, we canoed on Onota Lake which felt more like a team building exercise and went hiking in Pittsfield State Forest.  At night, we drank wine and played games.  It was the perfect weekend.

Whenever I’m with these girls, I feel like I’m in college again.  It was so wonderful to reconnect with girlfriends in this serene locale.  We all went back to our lives refreshed, renewed, and twenty-two again.