Girls Weekend in the Berkshires

My girlfriends from home are very important to me.  I’ve known some of them since I was six years old.  We’ve literally been through everything together: parents drama, broken hearts, life’s triumphs and everything in between.  With all of our busy schedules, we make a priority to go on a weekend trip together once a year.  It’s imperative to my mental health to act like a silly girl again with the girls who’ve known me forever.  We picked the Berkshires as the location because it’s close to home (about a 3 hour drive), we don’t have to deal with crazy traffic, it’s affordable to rent a house, and there are lots of activities.

I went to the Berkshires last year with my college girlfriends (read here).  Last year, I stayed in Pittsfield which is the Northern most town in the Berkshires while this year, we stayed in West Stockbridge which was so quaint and adorable.  We found our amazing house via Airbnb.  The house was old school; it was built in the 1800’s with some modern fixtures.  We were surprised to find that the kitchen was located downstairs where we would consider the basement and the stairs were extremely steep.  We had a 4 bedroom house so each of us had our own room and we each paid $100 for the weekend.  What we loved about West Stockbridge was that it was a central location to the other Berkshires towns Stockbridge, Lenox, and Great Barrington.

What makes the Berkshires so enchanting is really the outdoors.  There are so many mountains with unlimited hiking trails and serene lakes that are perfect for kayaking.  There are also so many operational farms where you can pick-you-own produce or buy organic meats.  All of the towns look exactly how you would picture them in your head; colonial homes that scream Americana.  The Berkshires is the perfect place to relax, to reboot and to bond with your girlfriends.