Miami1I know Miami has been done, covered, and talked about many times before but for us New Yorkers, it’s the perfect escape.  In less than 3 hours, you will be sitting on the beach in warm weather with a drink in hand.  My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Miami for my birthday.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I cried for joy because like everyone else, I was so over the cold and dreary winter in New York.  We stayed at the classic Raleigh hotel in South Beach.  I highly recommend the Raleigh for its close proximity to the beach and the impeccable service.  Because we’ve both been to Miami countless times, we didn’t feel any pressure to go see everything.  We were able to relax and enjoy the beach.  Also, going to Miami when you’re in your thirties isn’t the same when you’re in your early twenties.  We weren’t doing the whole nightlife scene.  We worked out in the mornings, spent the day at the beach and went to early dinners.  My twenty year old self would call me lame but now, it’s the perfect way to spend my birthday.

miami2The Tides hotel is art deco at its best. I met my boyfriend here for breakfast right after I landed.  It’s right on Ocean Drive where all the action happens.

miami3I love the scalloping of the pool at the Raleigh hotel. I woke up early to take this shot of the pool without people in it. It was totally worth it.

miami4I loved the lights that were hanging from the trees at the hotel restaurant. Isn’t it pretty?

miami5Seriously? Doesn’t this just look sinful? I know I was supposed to be in a bikini but I couldn’t resist.

miami6I rarely put on a hot dress and heels to go out with my boyfriend but I’ve learned that it’s important to look good for yourself and your man. We met up with friends for drinks at the SLS Hotel.

miami7Everyone I asked said that we must go to Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. We ordered the fried chicken and cheddar waffles which was enough for a family of four. Yes, that’s my boyfriend’s head in the shot.

miami8South Beach has the most colorful lifeguard towers.

miami9I loved the pink and white umbrellas from the SLS Hotel. The clouds parted just at the right time.

miami10We had the most unique sushi at Pubbelly Sushi. This one’s pork belly and clams.

miami11When I bought this shirt I thought it would be a funny joke but then we saw 2 other girls wearing the same thing so the joke was on me.