Thanksgiving in Utah Part 1


For Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to go out West to Utah to one of those wellness resorts to zen out and unplug.  My sister went to the Red Mountain Resort last year and highly recommended it for its all inclusive organic meals, hikes, spa, and beautiful scenery.  My girlfriend Grace aka Mama is Haute had the same idea in mind so with our discounted flights and hiking boots in tow, we headed out to Utah for Thanksgiving.

We flew into Las Vegas and rented car.  Mama is Haute decided we needed to upgrade to a Mustang convertible because as New Yorkers we rarely drive so why not do it in style?  Our first stop was Lotus of Siam in downtown Las Vegas.  It was probably the best Thai food I’ve ever had.  Our secret find was not so secret because the walls were emblazoned with photos of famous chefs like Thomas Keller and Anthony Bourdain.  With full stomachs, we were off onto the open road.  We were in absolute awe of the scenery during our two hour drive to St George, Utah where our resort was located.  When we arrived at the resort, our jaws dropped at the beauty of the red mountains and the serenity of the grounds.

Before dinner, we decided to talk to the concierge about possible hikes we could do during our stay.  We didn’t realize the plethora of national parks nearby and natural wonders at our fingertips.  What was supposed to be a relaxing and zen retreat was soon shaping up to be a packed schedule.  I guess that’s our style, we hit the ground running.

After a delicious dinner, we decided to attend an earthing class.  Earthing is placing your bare feet on sand or a patch of grass to reconnect to the earth.  This practice is said to give you more energy and keep you grounded.  We also had a shamanic fire ceremony where we burned our offerings and set our intentions.  Sounds kind of hokey I know but our intentions come to light later in the trip.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed out to Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ.  When we found out it was a 3 hour drive away we had to check it out.  There is nothing quite like it.  Because the canyon is on Navajo land, you have to go with a Navajo guide.  We walked through the lower canyon which had narrow passageways and tons of nooks and crannies.  We just couldn’t believe that the canyon was created by nature and time.  On our drive back we stopped at Horseshoe Bend (only 7 miles away) which was equally stunning in its own way.

After a long day of driving, we were surprised with a Thanksgiving dinner at our resort.  It was the perfect ending to a beautiful day of seeing natural wonders and being grateful for all of our blessings and most of all for having love and friendship.


Driving Thelma and Louise style with the top down


Crispy duck curry from Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas


Red Mountain Resort


Antelope Canyon


My travel buddy Mama is Haute


I can’t believe it!


Horseshoe Bend


Trying to find the white hoodoos


On the road


The most amazing sunset


Thanksgiving dinner at the resort