A Trip Of A Lifetime

{On the canopy}

{I caught a piranha}

{It’s a transparent butterfly}

{Taking a nap with a friend}

{Cute couple}

{Baby fur seal}

{Looking out to sea}

{Baby sea lion in our way}

{Playing under water}

{Blue footed boobie}

{Love the blue feet}

{Fiery crab}

{Cool iguanas}

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands this past summer. I’ve wanted to go since I was a little girl. In the 4th grade, we learned about these magical places that seemed so exotic, faraway, and wild I never thought I would actually be able to go. I was also lucky enough to go with my favorite person in the world. We went for 2 weeks, 5 days in the Amazon and 8 days cruising around the Galapagos Islands. I can’t really describe to you in words how amazing the trip was. You just need to go and experience it yourself.

Some of my favorite memories from the trip:

  • Seeing pygmy monkeys (so tiny!)
  • Swimming with dolphins in the ocean
  • Walking the canopy walk
  • Swimming in the black lake only to realize there were caymans
  • Swimming with sea lions
  • Diving at Gordons Rock
  • Snorkeling with sharks
  • Crossing the equator
  • Seeing the Southern Cross constellation
  • Seeing giant tortoises
  • Whale watching
  • Chasing sunfishes on the zodiacs

Sacha Lodge

Galapagos Islands
Athala II