Perito Moreno Glacier

peritomoreno1I became obsessed with this glacier.  Maybe it’s because I’m from New York and we don’t have glaciers nearby.  The thought of glaciers is so National Geographic to me.  The Perito Moreno Glacier was on my bucket list so you can imagine my excitment when we got a chance to see it.  When we got our first glimpse of the glacier, we just gasped because you can’t believe the sheer size of it.  You just can’t believe that nature made this.  You also can’t believe that it’s a sunny and warm day and you’re looking at a big block of ice.  We also decided to go ice trekking on the glacier which was a little nerve racking since we kept hearing the glacier cracking.  But oh well, you only live once right?  Some fun facts: The Perito Moreno Glacier is the only glacier in the world that is not shrinking; every summer the glacier grows 2 meters a day; and it takes 400 years for the ice on the top of the mountain to move its way down to the front.  Here are some of my favorite moments on the glacier…again, the photos do not do it justice.

peritomoreno2If you look closely, you can see people at the front of the glacier. This will give you an idea of the size of the glacier.

peritomoreno3 The colors of the glacier is an illusion – apparantly.

peritomoreno4 The glacier from the water.

peritomoreno5 Ready for our ice trekking.

peritomoreno6 Gotta get the crampons on first.

peritomoreno7 I was trying to avoid this little crevice.

peritomoreno8 It looks like we’re in outer space.

peritomoreno9 Whoa blue hole.

peritomoreno10 Our guide said he had yellow ice for us…

peritomoreno11 He meant whiskey with glacier ice.

peritomoreno12 Shortly after this picture was taken, I realized my face got torched oops! Cheers!