Africa, Morocco

Marrakech Day I


After the most amazing Christmas in Paris (read here), my best friend and I were meeting our two other girlfriends in Marrakech for the last week of the year. We spent most of our time in the Medina which was exactly how I pictured it in my mind and so much more.  The Medina was full of vibrant colors and bursting with energy.  Most of the old buildings have colorful mosaic tiles, cedar wood, and blue doors.  It’s a beautiful city yet a little raw.  For me, it was sensory overload and I’m still processing everything I saw.  The photos won’t do the experience justice but I will try to convey the magical experience I had in Marrakech to all of you.


We arrived at our riad (Riad dar Saad) really late at night and because we were staying in the Medina, cars can’t enter the streets beyond the gates.  Abdul, who was so amazing, stayed up and met us at the gate, helped us with our bags and poured us our welcome tea.  He also dealt with our laughing fits at night and our late night snack requests.


We woke up bright and early the next morning to start our day in Marrakech.  We started exploring our riad and we saw this amazing pool where breakfast was served every morning.


We loved out riad because there were little nooks everywhere like this one by a fireplace.


This was my favorite spot during my stay.  Throughout the week, my friends would always find me sitting in front of the fireplace reading or looking at photos from the day.  We would hang out here every night to talk about all the things we did that day and plan for the next day.


Not your average juice bar.


Walking to The Souk.


I couldn’t stop staring at all the different textiles, textures, and colors.


There were cats everywhere.


Jemaa el Fnaa is like their version of Times Square.


Koutoubia Mosque


He’s cooking our street meat.


In the Souk there was so many things I wanted to buy but the first day, I decided to just take it all in and do my research.


The spices souk


Heading to the roof of Cafe des Epices for lunch.


The most delicious avocado toast at Cafe des Epices.


Jemaa el Fnaa turns into food stalls at night.