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Marrakech Day 3


A couple of days in any city can make a person crave nature.  I should know I live in Manhattan.  After spending a couple of days in the Medina, we wanted a day outside the city and since we already went to Essaouira, a seaside town (read here), we decided to go to the Atlas Mountains.  What makes Marrakech jaw-dropping gorgeous is the back drop of the Atlas Mountains.  The mountains are so stark against the fairly flat terrain of the desert.  The base of the mountains are only 30 minutes away so I booked a day trip to visit the Berber villages and see the Atlas Mountains.  Our guide, Othman, from Morocco Desert Tour Company was AMAZING!  Our tour was basically a personal one since it was just the four of us in a land cruiser and he also dealt with four crazy chicks all day in a car.  It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a car with four chicks.


I know this is weird but this part of the trip looked like California to me or somewhere in Arizona or Utah.


A herd of goats!


We stopped by Richard Branson’s Moroccan retreat Kasbah Tamadot.


 The Berber Village where we are having lunch.  Pretty awesome right?


Probably the most picturesque bridge.


We are making our way to a traditional Berber home and having lunch at a family’s house.


Our hostess made chicken couscous with vegetables…more couscous.


 We ended the day by riding camels during sunset.  Yea, a bucket list item checked off!


I wanted to pinch myself during this moment.


We went to La Mamounia hotel for drinks because after a long day, a girl needs a cocktail.


We wanted to jump into the pool but refrained since it was a fancy hotel.


 The end to a spectacular day.