Africa, Morocco

Marrakech Day 2


After a fun night of celebrating New Year’s Eve, we wanted to have a relaxing day at the Jardin Majorelle and a long fancy lunch.  Before the trip to Marrakech, the only photos I had seen of the Jardin Majorelle (garden) were of stark blue buildings and beautifully landscaped grounds.  The garden is also known as the Yves Saint Laurent garden after the French designer who fell in love with the property, bought it and restored it.  There is a memorial to YSL who passed away in 2008.  The blue, also known as Majorelle blue, that you see throughout the garden is still in my mind.  It’s a garden that’s hard to compare and hard to forget.  When I’m asked, what was the best meal you had in Marrakech?  My answer is the lunch we had at Al Fassia, a restaurant where only women cook and serve the food.  The Moroccan food there was the best I’ve ever had.  We ended the day by going to a hammam (steam room similar to a Turkish bath) and getting a body scrub.  Unfortunately, I have no photos of that since we were all nude (wink wink).  This was probably the best New Year’s Day and the best way to start 2015.


We started the New Year with breakfast on the terrace which we just discovered the night before.  Breakfast in Marrakech usually consisted of carbs, carbs and more carbs which was actually perfect for soaking up any residual champagne that was left in our systems.


Even though we were in Morocco all the plants were from Arizona and Mexico-go figure.


I couldn’t get enough of all the blues and yellows.


This was my favorite spot in the garden.  I loved how the awning created a lace-like shadow.


You could see how the Jardin Majorelle influenced Yves Saint Laurent’s work.


Moroccan salads at Al Fassia.


This was at the beginning of our trip when I couldn’t get enough of couscous.


I loved all the savory and sweet dishes in Moroccan cuisine like this lamb tagine.