A Day in DC

dayindc1It was my cousin’s wedding last weekend in Virginia in a small suburb outside of DC.  It was a great excuse to go a day earlier and spend the night in DC to catch up with my best friend and the day to gallavant in DC with family.  I serendipitiously arrived in DC at the same time that my best friend landed from a business trip. We had one of those great nights of talking till the wee hours of the night, drinking wine and eating great food.  These are the kind of nights I live for.

The next day, I met up with my aunt and cousin Ivy for brunch at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace.  I love oysters so I was already sold on Pearl Dive and then add in a menu with a Southern flair-yum!  After brunch, we were SO excited to see the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin but we were disappointed to find out that we had missed them completely.  We were a week too late.  There was not even a remnant of a cherry blossom flower on any tree.  It was kind of funny kind of tragic.  We felt like we had missed out.  We did find the one pink tree in the nearest vicinity so even though it didn’t have nearly the same effect, it made up for the lack of cherry blossoms.

I love going to DC, it always feels familiar to me.  I guess it’s because at any given time, I always have close friends or family who live there.  There’s tons of things to do and now with a burgeoning food scene, it’s become one of my favorite foodie destinations.  It’s a place that’s easy to get to for us New Yorkers and it’s a city that’s easy to navigate around.  I thought it would be a romantic idea to take the train since I’ve never been but when I saw that a one way ticket was $150, I squashed the romantic idea and booked the bolt bus for $27 one way.  The bolt bus had comfy seats, power outlets, wifi and a bathroom, what more could you ask for?

I know this sounds cheesy but I just love walking around DC (or driving or segwaying) and seeing the white house, all the monuments and I even saw the pentagon this time.  I’m a complete tourist in this way.  I still take photos of the Washington monument even though I’ve seen it like 10 times.  The best part about DC is that all the museums are free!  Head to our national’s capital for a fun-filled day.

dayindc2{Brunch menu}

dayindc3 {Oysters}

dayindc4 {Shrimp Po Boy}

dayindc_4{Beautiful monument but no cherry blossoms}

dayindc5{Washington Monument}