My Story

Hello Friends!

I’m Laura and I write Kumi Dreams from New York.  When I first started this blog, it was dedicated to travel and food as a creative outlet from my 9 – 5 corporate job.  As my life evolved over the years, so has my blog.  That’s life right?  I believe in consistent growth and evolution.  I’ve never tried to “make” it as a full-time blogger because I felt like I couldn’t dedicate enough time to posting regularly with my corporate jobs.  That’s my type A personality kicking in! I traveled as an escape from my “real life.” I became obsessed with how I was being transformed with each travel experience. I loved learning about different cultures and seeing incredible places that I never dreamed I would see.

I decided to take the leap in March 2017 to travel the world and create my dream life; one where I would want to come home to. Travel is my way of self-discovery and growth, to connect with people from around the world, and to unlock my creativity. I found myself through travel and the world became my greatest teacher. During the last two years, I also began my spiritual journey; at times, it was hard to describe exactly what I was going through and painful to uncover all the wounds that needed to be healed. Now, I’m ready to share all that I’ve learned and teach others how to live the life of their dreams through spirituality.

Since departing from my corporate job, I’ve become an accidental entrepreneur. Female entrepreneurship is one of my passions because a) the future is FEMALE and b) entrepreneurship can be a lonely place. I also believe that women need to rise together and stop believing in this lack mentality. Shortly after I quit my job, I traveled through South East Asia and I met all of these incredible female entrepreneurs who built their dream businesses, living the life of their dreams, focusing on their well-being and involved in beautiful relationships. I thought I found a tribe of unicorns. I had to interview these women again and share their stories with the women I knew from back home because surely if they could do it, we could it. While I was interviewing these women, I had an epiphany that I too didn’t have to go back to a tradition 9-5 job and I can do something I loved. I created Chase Wild Hearts, a podcast that shares stories of women around the world doing cool SH*T.

I created Kumi Dreams to inspire you to not only get out there and see the world but to also take the most important journey of your life, the journey within yourself.

With love,