About Me

Laura Chung is a New York-based Spiritual Coach. She has her Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and spent 6 years working in finance and following a traditional life path. She achieved all the markers of success like the Tribeca apartment, six-figure salary, and trips around the world. She kept wondering why she didn’t feel this supreme state of happiness that society promises you when you achieve all of these things. In 2017, she quit her job, sold all of her material possessions, moved out of her apartment and began her nomadic life traveling the world. 

Through a series of painful life experiences, it forced Laura to question her purpose in life, why people are not happy, and what is the meaning of life? These contemplative questions sparked her spiritual journey. The more she did the inner work, opportunities and people would show up into her life and she started living the life of her dreams. She realized your outer world reflects your inner world.

She wanted to teach others what she had learned and subsequently became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Laura’s purpose here on earth is to teach people how to awaken to their inner power so that they can live their dream lives. She guides people through their awakening, healing, and transformation.