Hello Friends!

I’m Laura and I write Miss Buttercup from New York.  When I first started this blog, it was dedicated to travel and food as a creative outlet from my 9 – 5 corporate job.  As my life has evolved through the years, so has my blog.  That’s life right?  I believe in consistent growth and evolution.  I’ve never tried to “make” it as a blogger because I felt like I couldn’t dedicate enough time to posting regularly with my corporate jobs.  That’s my type A personality kicking in!  I decided to take the leap this past March to travel the world and create my dream life.  Travel is my mode of self-discovery, to connect with people from around the world, and to unlock creativity.  Whether your dreams are to travel fulltime or to take that bucket list trip, Miss Buttercup will inspire you to not only get out there and see the world but to do it with awareness, adventure and a focus on local cultures.  “Collect experiences, not things.”

With love,